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At Clearbrew Technologies, our business is helping your business succeed. Whether you’re a restaurant that needs help with food safety procedures, an owner of micro-breweries in need of sample testing, or a farmer/wholesaler who needs to check the purity and potency of a marijuana sample, CBT has the solution to your business needs. We have the newest technologies, the safest process, and the highest standards available, to test that your businesses products are safe, potency documented and assured.

The Best the Industry Can Offer

Founded by Jessica Spinney in early 2017, we’ve had success already. Small businesses far and wide rely on CBT for product and sample testing because of our strict guidelines and thorough processes. Our focus is finding bacteria, mold and or other contaminants in your alcohol or cannabis related products, to help your business assure customers that the products being consumed are not only safe but are also documented as to purity levels.

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