Alcohol Testing

The increase and rapid growth of the microbreweries and distilleries in the area has indicated that there is a need for a quality control testing facility that is local and available for hands on consultation. Currently there are over 40 listed breweries in the state of Montana, there is a need for lab analysis and quality assurance for small breweries so they can be sure they are giving the best product to consumers. Lab analysis and troubleshooting can also increase profits for smaller breweries. As the microbrewery industry, has grown so has the evolution of microorganisms that can spoil microbrews, a special class of bacteria, called beer spoilers, has evolved along with the industry can be identified by our company before an outbreak occurs. An outbreak can sink a small brewery and helping provide isolation and control procedures can avoid or control an outbreak of these detrimental bacterial or wild yeasts.

Services included are yeast testing for cell counts, viability, and control of wild yeast contamination, and help to instill a viable long term yeast management program. Bacterial testing includes sample testing from current batches, holding tanks, hoses, gaskets etc., looking for and identifying common product spoiling microorganisms. If needed consult on what to do if microorganisms are present. Mold spore testing can be done environmentally or taken from equipment. Our team is competent in identifying unknown Microorganisms and finding alternative solutions for eradication. This is beneficial for both customers and breweries.

Yeast can be sampled prior to pitching, cell counts, viability, and wild yeast contamination can be checked from fermentation sample. Yeast tracking sheets can be provided to organize and keep track of yeast strain.

Bacteria can be problematic during any stages of the brewing process, and samples can be checked for contamination of product spoiling bacteria. Samples can be taken from each stage of brewing process and batch transfer, as well as surface samples from equipment and holding tanks to check for infection.

Molds samples of air quality can be done as well as surface samples taken from gaskets holding tanks and product.

Quality control procedures establish yeast management program through monthly testing and record keeping of yeast viability. Analyze sanitation protocol instill one if necessary. Overview and instillation of standard operating procedures.

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