Restaurant Consulting

Starting a business or maintaining a clean record can sometimes be overwhelming. CBT can help with the organization and establishment of sanitary practices within your business that will give you piece of mind that you have no doubt your customers are receiving the best quality you can provide. Training managers and Staff to help keep standards high helps your business thrive and also helps the Health Department to give your business a clean report and decrease visits from them.

Initial Walk through would be similar to a Health department visit, a member of CBT will visit establishment during working hours to see employees at work, view habits and provide site scoring with current practices in place. On site quality control includes testing for microorganisms, including sampling for cleanliness, as well as temperature testing and interviewing of staff. Installation of cleaning logs and temperature logs as well as review of current health department practices.

Review of current practices, CBT will evaluate how the current practices at your business measure up to what the Health Department expects to see. Review with owners and managers to help organize records, inform staff and install easy to follow procedures with sample cleaning lists, will help ensure an easy and passable health department inspection.

Serv-saf CBT can review and proctor serv-saf test as well as organize information about recipients of serv-saf certificates that the health department will want to see during and inspection. Classes are offered every other month and clients are referred by the county health department and inspectors.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan For wholesale license and retail food purveyors this is an outline of practices and control measures that will be needed for health inspections.

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